Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Check Out Our New Look!

Notice anything different?  The site has gone through a major overhaul.  It's a platform shift to Joomla from just raw PHP, it includes a ton of visual upgrades, and it's organized way better.  In general, it's just more functional, easier to get around, and more attractive.  Not to mention long overdue!

My personal blog has also undergone a transformation, and is now called "Games By Design."  We'll be doing development diaries there as we work on A Valley Without Wind, so watch that space.  That's where I generally talk about in-depth game design stuff in general, actually, but it's been a bit quiet the last few months because things have been so busy.  Hopefully as AVWW progresses, other team members will also be able to contribute there.

Speaking of AVWW, there's a new preview page up for it.  Later this week our goal is to have the first in-game screenshots posted, but the three images that are posted in that preview are all in-game art assets just shown out of context.  We'll be sure to put up some forums for pre-alpha discussion about AVWW soon, too -- though there's a lot with that game we're not quite ready to share, we'll be opening up more and more over the coming weeks and months through the development diaries.

Stay tuned!


  1. OH god... You went the "white text on a black background" route. WHY?! It's one thing to change what was a perfectly lovely and clean design, but you've rendered your site unreadable for those of us who simply can't read that color and text without it causing issues. (Such as ghost images on the retina when looking away etc...)

  2. i like the background and everything i just liked the old frunt page with the news open all ready for us to read

  3. Liked the old design more but no big deal for me.


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