Thursday, October 14, 2010

AI War 3.712 OSX Installer -- First-Ever Public Mac Version Of AI War!

This is an exciting post to get to make.  At long last, we now have an OSX version of AI War.  You can grab it here.  That installer installs an OSX version of AI War that is identical to the Windows version 3.712 that we just released tonight, including all the new and remastered music. 

The OSX version should be able to handle automatic updates exactly in the same fashion that the windows version does, but honestly we haven't had an opportunity to do thorough testing on the OSX version of the updater or the game itself on OSX. What I've seen so far looked flawless (and at a mighty fine framerate, too, on my MacBook Pro), but we haven't yet had our normal army of player testers on the OSX side, obviously.

So with the caveat that there may be some Mac-specific bugs at this stage (though hopefully not), I hope you'll enjoy the new version if you're a Mac enthusiast.  Worst case, we'll be unable to patch the existing install and will have to issue a whole new installer package; worse things have happened, and in the meantime we can definitely use the assistance of the Mac crowd in making sure this thing works well over there.

I delayed this long on releasing the Mac version because I didn't want the first impression of anyone on that platform to be of AI War in an unpolished, buggy state of the earlier betas.  Things are much further along now, but bear in mind that this is still very much a beta product, and not completely finished.  We really appreciate the bug-hunting, suggestions, and general feedback that people offer in these pre-release phases; it makes the final product so much better.

All right, all right, enough: enjoy!

PS -- The license keys for AI War are platform-agnostic.  So if you bought the "windows" version of AI War, you really bought it for both platforms.  Network play, etc, should work between both platforms, as well.  All the same deal as what we did with the Mac version of Tidalis, in other words.


  1. Heard about the game recently and subscribed to the blog waiting for news of an OS X version, glad it came so soon! Looking forward to trying it out.

  2. Why is this zip file over 400mb? Seems a little excessive...

  3. That's how big the game, and the two expansions, are. About 100mb of that is code and images, and the other 300mb of that are high quality ogg encodings.

    For a game and two expansions, that's actually quite small, no? I've certainly downloaded demos of games that were twice that size. ;)

  4. Thank you for your fast response, Christopher. After hearing your explanation, the file size does sound very reasonable.

    I look forward to playing!

  5. My pleasure! Hope you enjoy, but bear in mind it's still beta and has some rough patches for the next week and a half or so. :)

  6. Just wanted to say congrats to the Arcen team on getting this out. I don't own a Mac myself but hopefully Mac users can get their hands on an awesome game, and you can get your hands on some additional sources of revenue ;)


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