Monday, November 29, 2010

Arcen Store Cyber Monday 60% Off Sale!

Hot on the heels of the Steam Indie Puzzle Pack sale, which has now closed, we have another deal for you: anything you want from the Arcen Games Store for 60% off!  Now through December 1st, to give stragglers time to get in their orders.  Now's your chance to pick up some excellent deals!


  1. Are all your games possible to register on Steam? Since got some friends who are waiting with getting the expansions but with the sale they might consider it if it can be registered on Steam.

  2. Yes, they are all registerable, with the usual caveat that if pirates have keygenned your key already and used that to register it at Steam then that won't work. That's been something very annoying that's come up lately with the base game of AI War, but other than that it's perfectly as normal.

    Although, Light of the Spire won't be registerable on Steam until it actually comes out on Steam (after the official release of that expansion). But, keys you buy now should be registerable there later (as with all our other products).

  3. I can't believe I just missed this sale. I tried last night at 11:50 eastern time and the games were regular price again. Will there be another sale before Christmas? I wanted to get AI War and all of its expansions.


  4. The sale was on GMT time -- that's caused some confusion, sorry about that. That's the time zone of our store, even though we're EST ourselves here at Arcen. There won't likely be another sale before Christmas, but after Christmas is usually a good time for all sorts of deals. Wink, wink. :)

  5. Ok, thanks. I will watch for the next one.


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