Friday, March 22, 2013

Steam Indie Spring Sale: Valley Dual Pack, AI War and Tidalis 75% Off

As Shattered Haven soldiers on from Monday's launch, Steam has rolled out a big time, 400+ indie game sale that has Arcen's catalog front and center with some major discounts.

Here's the breakdown:
The promotion runs through March 28th, so be sure to take advantage of these deals while you can!

On top of the sale, we have a solid amount of reviews and other coverage regarding Shattered Haven and Valley 2 to share:

Shattered Haven Previews/Reviews
Dad's Gaming Addiction: Shattered Haven Review (8/10)
Indie Statik: First Impressions: Shattered Haven Beta
Examiner: Shattered Haven: 5 Reasons to Play
Gamersaurs: The Independence Movement: Shattered Haven
Game Wisdom: Shattered Have: Survival Puzzle

Shattered Haven Videos
James Allen: Shattered Haven Gameplay Impressions
Shattered Haven - DGA Play Session #1

Shattered Haven Launch/Beta Coverage
RPS: Top-Down Topiary: Shattered Haven
PC Gamer: Shattered Haven launch trailer has children to rescue, zombies to squish
GameZone: Valley Without Wind developer launches beta for Shattered Haven
Polygon: Shattered Haven is a game of sorrow and survival
Blue's News: Shattered Haven Beta Access With Pre-Purchases
Indie Statik: Shattered Haven Isn't Just A Puzzler; It's About Family, Grit, And Survival
Gamer's Hell: Shattered Haven Released and Trailer
Gamersaurs: Arcen Games new title Shattered Haven is now in Beta
VG247: Shattered Haven launch trailer refuses to bow to evil
Technology Tell: Shattered Haven beta is 25% off until March 18th
I Luv Games: Post-Apocalyptic survival action / adventure game “Shattered Haven” released by Arcen Games
Inside Mac Games: Shattered Haven Released
Worthplaying: March 19th, 2013 Shipping Announcements
Gaming Illustrated: Arcen Games Releases Shattered Haven
Co-Optimus: Shattered Haven Brings Together Zombies and Puzzles

Valley 2 Reviews and Interviews Arcen Games on A Valley Without Wind 2
Games Are Evil: Two-Headed Review: A Valley Without Wind 2
Game Connect: A Valley Without Wind 2 Review
Game Players Review: A Valley Without Wind 2 Indie Game Review (Highly Recommended)
Everyday Gamers: Review: A Valley Without Wind 2 (7.5/10)
GamesWarp: A Valley Without Wind 1 Review (6.5/10)
Diehard GameFAN: Review: A Valley Without Wind 1 and 2
Snackbar Games: A Valley Without Wind 2: Get lost in a world of strategy (3/5)
Gaming Trend: Procedurally Generated Disappointment–A Valley Without Wind 2 (4/10)
Examiner: A Valley Without Wind 1 Review
Examiner: A Valley Without Wind 2 Review
Examiner: Valley Without Wind 2: Top 5 Songs from the Soundtrack
Kanobu: A Valley Without Wind 2 Review (Russian)

Valley Videos
Greenlit Gaming: A Valley Without Wind 2 Developer Let’s Play
Co-Optimus: A Valley Without Wind 2 Co-Op Video
Meroka Plays A Valley Without Wind 2 Ten Part Series
Bro Gaming: Analyse - A Valley Without Wind 2 (Dutch)
A Valley Without Wind Part 2 (Russian)

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  1. Why not match the Steam discounts on your company web store? I'd much rather buy directly and give Arcen a greater percentage of my purchase. Just waiting to pull the trigger on Ancient Shadows and Valley2...


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