Monday, February 11, 2013

Valley 2 Coverage Ahead Of Next Week's Launch

While Valley 2 makes its final preparations to transition from beta to 1.0 (launching February 18th), a lot of great coverage has poured in from both game blogs and video channels alike.

We've all been busy chatting it up with various publications about everything that's kept us busy in the early part of the year, and some very nice AI War coverage surfaced in the past couple weeks as well. It may have seemed like a long wait, with the expansion launching a few months back, but that's actually pretty typical for any AI War release. The game just demands some investment to play properly, so we really appreciate these reviewers for taking the time to play and write about it.

Some notable announcements coming up soon, including: release info for Shattered Haven, where we'll be traveling/demoing, and some other stuff the rest of the team would collectively strike me down for mentioning at this point.

Interviews, Podcasts, Previews, and Features
DealSpwn included the original A Valley Without Wind in its 2012 GOTY Awards Feature.

Chris is featured on Game Wisdom's latest podcast, discussing both Valley titles and Shattered Haven.

Pixel Perfect Gaming posted a preview of Valley 2, after taking a first look at the beta.

Chris was also interviewed by Indie Games Channel on Valley 2.

Examiner lists out its Five Reasons to Look Forward to Valley 2.

IGN included Valley 2 in its 50 PC Exclusive Games in 2013 feature.

Thanks to these sites for providing coverage of Valley 2
PC Gamer
Rock, Paper, Shotgun
True PC Gaming
Blue's News
Indie Game Magazine
Cinema Blend
Worth Playing
Indie Statik
Games Radar
Indie Theory
Stick Skills
Gamer's Hell
Steam Game Fans
Gaming Nexus
Inside Mac Games
Game Connect
Interesting Playing

AI War coverage
AI War: Ancient Shadows Review -- Indie Game Reviewer
AI War: Fleet Command Review -- Games Ajare (Spanish)

Video coverage
Indie Snapshot - A Valley Without Wind 2 [BETA]
A Valley Without Wind 2 - Co-op With SHYgaems
Let's Play : A Valley Without Wind 2 (BETA) Multiplayer
Meroka Plays A Valley Without Wind 2
A Valley Without Wind 2 - Let's Play and First Impressions Review [PC/MAC]
Cal Plays A Valley Without Wind 2 BETA
AI War - Luke VS Steam
Let's Play AI War Fleet Command [Deutsch][HD] (German)
Let's Take a Look! - A Valley Without Wind
Retrospective: A Valley Without Wind
A Valley Without Wind 2 (Doin' Nasty for Good)

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