Friday, May 25, 2012

Indie Game Sales, Bundles, And AVWW Stuff

Big things happening these days. A Valley Without Wind has seen several more additions and refinements over the past week as we approach the 1.1 (and first official) update for the game. We also have a pretty cool announcement we've been sitting on for a few days that hopefully we'll be able to share before the weekend, or at least by early next week. We'll see.

One press item we wanted to highlight regarding AVWW: Vagary TV's Indie Game Review podcast. In the inaugural episode the game is reviewed by the two hosts and then Chris joins for the interview portion.

Other happenings in the indie world we wanted to quickly mention:

The Because We May week has kicked off, where developers can and have freely reduced (or in a few cases increased) the prices on their games. There's a ton of indie devs taking part, and although we're not actively involved, you can be sure we're passively participating by pricing our games at their normal price during the week; because we may. ;)

Our pal Gnome points us to the Bundle In A Box Adventure Bundle. That goes through June 6th and includes a bunch of solid indie adventure games such as Gemini Rue and Size Five's Zombie Cow efforts. It also has The Sea Will Claim Everything, which people keep mentioning how awesome it is though I haven't had a chance yet to play.

Here's the press that's come in for Valley over the past few days:

Armless Octopus -- A Valley Without Wind Review: Beware of The Wind

Dark Zero -- A Valley Without Wind Mac Review

Singju Games -- Review: A Valley Without Wind for PC

Gamer's guide to Life -- Review: A Valley Without Wind

Mash Those Buttons -- A Valley Without Wind [Review]

[VIDEO] A Valley Without Wind - First Impressions (Portuguese)

[VIDEO] A Valley Without Wind Part 3 and Part 4 (Russian)

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