Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Frozen Synapse: Red Release And New Valley Reviews/Videos

Our good friends at Mode 7 Games have released the Red expansion for their tactical heaven Frozen Synapse. They've added co-op, and a new campaign, and a new multiplayer mode, and...well, a ton of good stuff. It's absolutely jam-packed, and does more than just slap a fresh coat of (red) paint on one of the better indie games in recent memory.

Red's available now both through Mode 7 themselves and on Steam (both offering 15% off during the first week of release). The base game is also 50% off through launch week.

In Arcen news, GameSpy included AI War on their 10 Great Co-Op RTS Games for Comp-Stomp Fun list, while A Valley Without Wind reviews and video coverage are still trickling in as well:

Gamebreaker -- Indie Spotlight: A Valley Without Wind -- Review: A Valley Without Wind (PC)

Game Side Story -- GameTest - A Valley Without Wind (French)

Let's Play A Valley Without Wind #1: Getting Started by Deihlanos

A Valley Without Wind Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 by 1331skippy1331

A Valley Without Wind 9 Part Series by izTheJack

A Valley Without Wind 7 Part Series by Lcron55

A Valley Without Wind [PC Gameplay] by SmugglerWeb (Finnish)

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