Monday, April 23, 2012

Well... We've Halfway Launched. Rest To Come Tomorrow!

Today has been... one of those days.  Not particularly for us directly, but apparently there were a lot of games coming out today and in general just lots of craziness going on in the world of gaming.  Distributors moving office locations, distributors out of the country they're based in, distributors drowning under the weight of a dozen indie releases on one day, and so forth.

So, yeah.  It's been one of those days.  The good news is that GamersGate got the 1.0 build up super early today, both in regular buy-one-copy format as well as in four for the price of three format.  They're running a 10% off sale on the game for the next week, too, in celebration of launch.  So that's all settled!

Turns out, we're doing the same thing -- our store has options to buy singly or to get the four-for-three option, and we're also running the 10% off sale for the next week.  We got our stuff going later in the day, after much wrangling with the four-for-three thing in particular.  Like I said, one of those days.

Next up came with the game launching, and also doing a 10% off sale for the next week.

And... that's it for today.  Gamestop is still carrying the beta version at the moment, but their pricing has updated and if you buy the beta you can use the in-game updater to get to the launch version.  They're very close to having the 1.0 version fully released, but didn't quite make it in under the buzzer today.

Same deal with Steam.  That's another one where the build and store page and so forth are just almost done, but didn't quite make it in under the buzzer.  But tomorrow's another day, and like I said it's so close I thought it was going to be tonight.  But now it's late and I'm heading for some sleep, so if it's tonight then I'm going to be missing it until the morning.

Sorry about this -- I know that a lot of folks were waiting on the distributors that didn't quite make it in under the buzzer today, but it's just one of those things.  Hopefully things will speed along much quicker tomorrow.  Knock on wood!


  1. Just FYI - your store charges the same as GamersGate BUT us folks in Europe pay VAT (Sales Tax) on top of your price wheras Gamersgate include it - which makes you a bit more expensive to buy from.

    I prefer to buy from developers but I also prefer to pay the same price as everyone else - so just a heads-up on that.


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