Thursday, April 19, 2012

More PAX East 2012 Coverage For A Valley Without Wind

PAX East coverage for A Valley Without Wind continues to roll in...

Just Press Start's Jeff Ortloff got the full tour of the Arcen Booth, posting audio interviews with both Chris and Pablo.

Gameinpublic posted the first ten minutes of the indie game talk I took part in. This was day two (we did a similar talk with different devs each day of the conference).

Andrew Whipple III of Gamer's guide to Life seems very pleased we're fleshing out a title in the sidescrolling action genre.

Patrick Lindsey put together a solid preview of the game over on BeefJack as well.

The Mash Those Buttons guys talk about the game for a decent chunk of their PAX East podcast.

Luigi Guarnuccio of Gamers Haven called AVWW 'a gem of a game' in his preview.

Matthew Jay discovers there's more to the game than what can be gathered at first glance in his preview over on Snackbar Games

OnLiveFans' Jeremy Burg mentioned us as one of the gems he got to play on the show floor in his round-up of the event.

Finally, GiantBomb snapped and posted a shot of the Arcen Games booth, check out those sweet banners. :)

Oh, one last item: 2nd Opinion Podcast's Chris Dunham will be live streaming A Valley Without Wind today at 3:45 PM ET for a good couple of hours. Tune in then to his Twitch.TV channel for a longer form, on-the-fly look at the game.

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