Friday, September 24, 2010

Recent Reviews For Tidalis And AI War

"It's evident from the onset that a vast amount of passion was poured into this game, from the superb piano-and-string musical score to the detailed and smoothly animated backgrounds... Seriously, the effort poured into this game cannot be stressed enough. You can submit scores to twitter, customize the appearance of blocks, even directly edit the animated backgrounds to better suit your taste. There's nothing they haven't thought of."
Ben Tyrer, SavyGamer

AI War:
"Combining deep strategic gameplay with AI that is worthy of the moniker, AI War: Fleet Command is a game deserving of a much larger audience. Indeed, it is a must-have title for anyone who takes games of interstellar conquest seriously."
- Scott Tortorice, GameSquad


  1. Hi there. I have a very small blog that only a few friends of mine read, but I wanted to let you know that I've let them know how much I love Tidalis, which I bought from you a few weeks ago:


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