Thursday, September 30, 2010

AI War and the hidden cost of indie games

We're still hard at work on the AI War 4.0 work, which should be hitting the initial public beta today or tomorrow (for real this time).  In the meantime, if you're interested in facts and figures about the costs of indie game development, you might enjoy this article that came out on PC Gamer's website today:

"Earlier this month Chris Park revealed that his company could be bankrupt by November. His company is Arcen Games, the developer of popular space strategy game AI War. Despite that game’s excellence, it wasn’t a surprise to find he was struggling: most indie games developers do.  Prompted by the tale of trouble on his site, I sent him an email asking for more information."
AI War and the hidden cost of indie games, by Graham Smith (PC Gamer)

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  1. "fuck this planet" - Val Kilmer, in that Mars movie
    Anyway, the same sometimes holds for this one, unfortunately. Chris beat all major players in the RTS AI programming game, and now he´s close to bankrupcy?
    Tell you what Chris, i´m on the dole, and gonna be so for the next 2-3 years until my disability pension comes thru (hopefully), and i´m not really a big fan of puzzle games in general, with the exceptions of Puzzle Bobble and Tetris (none of my gaming friends are actually!)
    But i´ll see if i cant send you a few bob for Tidalis (as i´v allready got everything AI War related).
    Also trying to get my friends into AI war, tho they´ve been reluctant because of the 2d graphics - graphix whores the lot!
    best of luck!


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