Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Release Schedule Updated, Alden Ridge Arcade

The new schedule (also visible on the left sidebar of our main site):

Oct '10: AI War Unity/OSX
Oct '10: AIW: Children of Neinzul
Dec '10: Alden Ridge Arcade
Q3 '11: Alden Ridge
Q2 '11: AI War Expansion 3
Q3 '12: A Valley Without Wind
2013: AI War Expansion 4
2013: Cayenne

What is this new "Alden Ridge Arcade" game?  Well, it's something really different that we have planned for the fall.  It's a smaller project and will be even less expensive than most Arcen titles.  This will be the first arcade-style game that Arcen has ever done, and we have a great design for a really focused, fun, high-replay, procedurally-generated arcade style game using the core concepts of pursuit by zombies, traps, and environmental interactivity that are from the main Alden Ridge game.

We're really looking forward to sharing more about that with you in the coming months, but for now that's all!

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  1. An unexpected surprise to round the year out with Arcade stylings eh? It'll be interesting to see what's cooking...


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