Friday, August 6, 2010

AI War Prerelease 3.174 (Bugfixes, Neinzul Regeneration Chambers)

The full release notes are on the Arcen forums.  This new prerelease includes a number of bugfixes including a couple of important tweaks to the new CoN expansion beta (which wasn't installing completely correctly in the last release, although there was a simple workaround).  This new version installs just fine, and additionally adds a new Neinzul Regeneration Chamber unit that makes the Neinzul ships a viable choice for planetary defense, instead of just an offensive-only ship class.  More updates to come soon, for AI War, CoN, and Tidalis!

UPDATE: Now 3.175 is out, as well -- same link above.  That's probably the last new release for today.  It alters the balance of the Youngling ships to a fair degree, as well as adding in the new Vultures and Weasels (Mark I-V on both).

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