Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Designing Games In A Vacuum

In developing the space-based RTS game AI War: Fleet Command, I encountered an unexpected design challenge: namely, I hadn't anticipated the issues that would be caused by setting the game in space.  I've played many great games set in space, but most have either been action-oriented (Star Wars, etc), or very slowly paced (Homeworld).  The first and largest issue that arose was creating a sense of location in a non-action-oriented game.

Designing Games In A Vacuum, Part 1: Terrain & Positionality

Continuing the discussion from the first part of this article.  Discusses the challenges of making unique spaceships memorable, RTS-genre issues caused by the lack of walls in space, and unit balance in a cooperative game.

Designing Games In A Vacuum, Part 2: Units, Walls, and Caps

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