Wednesday, May 13, 2009

AI War 0.940 Released (With First Free DLC)

Arcen Games is pleased to announce the release of AI War: Fleet Command version 0.940. You can download a trial version of the game, as well as purchase a license key to unlock the full version.  If you already have the game or demo installed, just hit "Check For Updates" inside the game to get the latest patch.

First Free DLC:  A new unit is now available in the DEF tab of your Command Stations! Tachyon Drones (shown left) are tiny  mobile tachyon beam emitters, great for discovering enemy mines and other cloaked ships.

In addition, the AI has learned a few new tactics on difficulty 5 and up -- this happens from time to time, and makes your already formidable digital opponents even more fearsome and realistic. The number of in-game music tracks has also doubled, and more music is on the way in Friday's release of version 1.0.  Lastly, there were a few tweaks to unit balance and a couple of minor bugfixes.  Enjoy!

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