Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Interviews, Previews, and LP Videos

So much has happened since we launched public beta for A Valley Without Wind back in late September. In some respects it feels like it's been out forever, when really we've just reached three weeks. It's been fantastic to have anyone interested finally able to play the game. We've received both a wonderful response as well as excellent feedback from players and press alike in such a short amount of time.

A couple of Arcen Games/AVWW items we'd like to direct you to, including a couple of new interviews. Chris chats comprehensively with UsedGameReviews in a just released piece, and Arcen is featured in Play Tribune's Developer Chat audiocast (where Chris and I babble on for over an hour about indie gaming plus all the aforementioned.)

Plenty of Valley-specific stuff below as well. Thanks to all who took the time to talk with us and/or take a look at our game.


[Violent Gamer] A Valley Without Wind Beta Impressions
[Nightmare Mode] Beta Impressions: A Valley Without Wind
[Dealspwn] A Valley Without Wind Beta Impressions | Procedurally Generated Genre Smasher
[Quick Save Podcast] A Valley Without Wind Beta/Demo (8:00-12:00)


Hold [RESET] Gaming: A Valley Without Wind - Beta - First Look
Hyfrydle32: Let's Play A Valley Without Wind
Onemegatongamer: I will beat a valley without wind
A Valley Without Wind: Beta Gameplay


  1. Thanks for the mention, we had no idea you had noticed our little article. Can't wait to see what you make of the game. We were big fans of A.I. War, so we have high hopes.

  2. Cheers! Thanks for doing the article. :)


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