Monday, October 10, 2011

New AI War Reviews and LP Videos

Several reviews and Let's Play videos have hit the net for AI War: Fleet Command 5.0 over this past year that we've been meaning to pass along. They all have some very nice words on the game, which is always rewarding for us to hear.

They're also a great reference point to have as a developer, especially with a unique title like AI War that has undergone as much change as it has over these first couple of years. So we're very appreciative of these journalists and reviewers to take the time to review a game originally released in 2009.


"I was intimidated, even frustrated at first, but once I took it upon myself to learn the ropes, I discovered a deep strategy game that will keep me entertained for a good, long time."GameRanx

"An elaborate back-and-forth game of action vs. reaction, patient wit vs. volatile force -- that’s what AI War is, for those who can play it well. It’s a game of manipulation, as you balance the AI’s sensitivity, tricking it into allowing you to cut a line straight to its heart, making it think of you as a trivial pest, while in reality you’re more like a hive of termites: an annoyance, as easily crushed as you are forgotten... until you bring their house crumbling down when they least expect it."digital hippos

"Intimidating: Check.  Difficult to learn: Check.  Worth your money: You bet.  AI War is many things (and game types) in one, and fortunately they are all good.  You may have to dig a little (lot) to find it, but no one can accuse this game of being light on content.  The dynamic AI makes for a different game each and every time you play, and the fact that you’re under the constant pressure of expanding without raising the alarm adds a level of complexity (and tension) to the genre that will make it hard for me to go back to traditional RTS games."Platform Nation

ExtremeMMOGamer: A.I. War Fleet Commander Review
Gaming Shogun: AI War Alien Bundle Review
Three Point Games: AI War Review


JaviLQ Let's Play Video
10MMulti Let's Play Video

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