Monday, October 3, 2011

AVWW Beta: Week One At A Glance

We're not even a week into beta for A Valley Without Wind, and already a whopping 12 patches have been released for the game thanks in great part to all the community feedback. It's been an amazing start!

Beta Updates 5.001-5.012 Released (What A Week!)

We've compiled some interesting stats and notes across those dozen updates. Here's what's been added to the game over the past seven days:

Total Words in Change Logs: 9,121
Total Changes: 176

Our programmers have summed up a few favorites:

* Fixed a bug where the large floating rocks were eating the stockpiled wheat while the other npcs weren't looking.

* Fixed a bug where the settlement npcs were being forced to keep working their assigned buildings even after they were _dead_.

* Responded to complaints that normal monsters dropped no shinys. They now drop shinys. In unrelated news, 90% of monster species are now on the endangered list.

* Discovered a player item duplication racket where they were repeatedly dropping their warp scrolls on the ground to trick the naive guardians into giving them more. Fixed by making guardians give non-droppable warp potions instead. We've been very concerned about subsequent reports of players reverting to college behavior. Apparently it doesn't matter what the stuff's made of, as long as when you drink it you wind up somewhere without knowing how.

* Decreased the cooldown on the double-jump spell because it was too long to use on every jump. Then increased it again when we realized players had taken a novel interpretation of "double": they were simply flying by repeated midair jumps.

* Taught the Giant Skelebot boss how to kick field goals. They always miss, but how the players fly.

* Put in some memory workarounds after psychological analysis confirmed that the garbage collector is prone to look at a lack of heap space and decide "why not just let it happen?".

Early Coverage

The game has received a good amount of attention during this past week from the press. Special thanks to all those who have tried out and written/talked about the game! Here's what some of them are saying:

"I can imagine this game opening up under continued exploration to be one of those all-encompassing experiences that you can’t help sinking an unhealthy tract of time into." - Rock, Paper, Shotgun

"But really, at the heart of what A Valley Without Wind is about, at least for me, is exploration and it does it phenomenally." - DIYGamer

"The thing that struck me first about A Valley Without Wind is that it is absolutely vast. This is a game that you can sink hours and hours into, and still feel as though you’ve only started." - Brutal Gamer


Make sure to check out Quill18's and WelshPixie's excellent introductory LP videos for AVWW. They both do a fantastic job of showing off the game while teaching you the basics as well.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out!

    Thoroughly enjoying the game, and I've barely sunk my teeth into it. It already feels huge despite me having only raised my civilisation level to 2 - and I'm a massive fan of huge explorable worlds. Can't wait to see how you guys implement multiplayer. Lastly, it's refreshing to find patch notes that make me giggle while also conveying important information ;)

  2. Thanks in return! We really appreciate your taking the time, and are so glad that you and others are enjoying it so well. :)

  3. I'm going to have to ask you to slow down a bit, Chris. It's getting harder to find nice meaty bugs that will keep my name in the release notes...

    Seriously, you guys are doing an awesome job. I don't think there are any other professional game developers out there who can not only keep up this pace, but also sneak in a nontrivial update to another product.

  4. Fantastic improvements in just one week, looking forward to the months to come...

    ... and especially Coop. C'mon, coop!


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