Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More Excellent Reviews Of Tidalis!

"I was extremely impressed by Tidalis... The Co-Op Experience: The standard for judging drop in/drop out co-op, with custom options for two-well co-op and even online co-op, Tidalis takes the co-op puzzler crown."
Marc Allie, Co-Optimus (5/5 Co-Op Score, 4.5/5 Overall Score)  

"Tidalis is an excellent and very polished action-puzzler, that impressively lets you decide how to play it, and you really should play it! You'll probably be too addicted to do anything else -or review it- for quite some time. Better yet, let me rephrase this: TIDALIS IS AMAZING. BRILLIANT TOO."
gnome, Gnome's Lair  

"Tidalis manages to offer up a fresh twist on the concept, creating an addictive experience that's equal parts challenging and relaxing. And it even has a story."
Andrew Webster, About.com (4/5 Stars)

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