Friday, July 13, 2012

AVWW 1.2 and AI War Expansion 4 News as Steam Summer Sale Rages

The Steam Summer Sale is on! All of our currently released games and expansions are on sale for the duration of the event.

Here's the breakdown:
Other great indies on sale:
With all this wheeling and dealing let us not forget earlier in the week A Valley Without Wind 1.2 and AI War: Ancient Shadows were released and announced respectively. Below is the latest coverage to come in for the news, along with some new LP videos of AVWW and Tidalis.

Polygon -- 'A Valley Without Wind' update comes with new city building system

Quarter to Three -- More winds of revolution blow through Valley Without Wind

Indie Game Magazine -- ‘A Valley Without Wind’ Art-Auditions Bear Fruit. Also, Updates

Indie Game Magazine -- Arcen Games Tease A Fourth ‘AI War: Fleet Command’ Expansion

Space Game Junkie -- New AI War Expansion Announced: Ancient Shadows

Airborne Gamer -- 6 Fantasy Action Try Before You Buy Games

Achievement Acquired -- A Valley Without Wind Demo

Let's Play A Valley Without Wind CO-OP (Russian)

A Valley Without Wind | Episode 1

Kyventures in... A Valley Without Wind, Part 2

Indie Spotlight - A valley without wind

Demonaci Plays A Valley Without Wind Ep 1

Zapaříme CZ - Let's play - A Valley Without Wind - Demo (Czech)

Tidalis gameplay


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