Monday, December 12, 2011

A Valley Without Wind Voted Into IndieDB's IOTY 2011 Top 100

Yesterday we received the awesome news that A Valley Without Wind has been voted into the top 100 of IndieDB's Indie of the Year 2011, and is onto the second round. The game can be found in the "upcoming games" section under the "adventure" category.

We're both excited and humbled to still be in the running alongside some very fantastic/popular indie titles. The next step is the top ten. Competition may be stiff, but we plan on doing everything in our power to make a run and be there for the last leg of the event.

There's just over a week to garner as many votes as we can for AVWW. If you're interested in voting for the game, head over to our IndieDB page, scroll down to the "Top 100 Game of 2011" section, and click on the red button that states "vote for this game."

Thanks in advance to all who do cast their vote in our direction, and/or help get the word out for us. On top of that, perpetual thanks for the continued support received from our community. It's extremely appreciated, and never ceases to amaze us.

Time left to vote:

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  1. voted :) and best of luck! the game deserves some recognition and accolades :)


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