Thursday, September 29, 2011

AVWW Betas 0.505-0.507, "Skelebot Goal Kick," Released!

These three releases have all come out in the last day or so.  Aside from a lot of general bugfixes and balance tweaks, there's a number of cool changes here:
  • The Skelebot Giants now have a massive knockback to their melee attacks, letting them basically punt your character a few screens away.
  • Put in a number of improvements to the visual display and functionality of the direct keyboard targeting.
  • The ranged bosses can now hit you from further away, making it harder to kite them.
  • Gem veins and other mine-able stuff underground is now easier to find and see, and the dungeon map now updates its colors to indicate ones you've already mined.
  • Support for single-button mice has been improved; actually, so has support for mice with more than three buttons, too.
More coming later tonight.  Enjoy!

This is a standard update that you can download through the in-game updater itself, if you already have 0.500 or later. When you launch the game, you'll see the notice of the update having been found if you're connected to the Internet at the time. If you don't have 0.500 or later, you can download that here.

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