Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Announcing The AI War Alien Bundle And AI War Two Year Anniversary Sale!

Has It Really Been Two Years!?
It seems like just yesterday that AI War 1.0 made it's public debut, but it's actually been two years.  And what a busy two years!  In that time we've released three new expansions, changed the game to the Unity 3D engine, added Mac OSX support, created our puzzle game Tidalis, and released version 5.0 of the base game free to anyone who bought 1.0 of the game or higher.

In celebration, of the two-year anniversary of AI War's public debut, we're running a big sale on the entire Arcen Store from today through May 24th.  All of the individual titles are 50% off, and the bundle (see below) is 30% off its regular reduced price.

Two years later and AI War is more popular than ever, with more expansions planned, and with us still making the games we always wanted to make.  We couldn't be more grateful for the support of our players!

Alien Bundle: The AI Isn't Your Only Adversary...
Right from the start, the universe of AI War has always included a few alien craft.  However, it wasn't until each of the first three expansions were released that the three alien races from AI War were fully explored: from the ancient, venerable Zenith; to the short-lived, vicious Neinzul; to the massive Spire.

These first expansions represent something of a watershed for AI War, because these are the only expansions that will be focused on individual alien races.  Future expansions to the game will focus on other aspects of the AI War universe, as well as pulling in a few ships here and there from all three of the races.

That makes these three something of a matched set; and for the first time ever, we're bundling them all together with the base game at more than a 30% discount off their combined total price (and during the two-year anniversary sale, there's another 30% off applied on top of that regular 30% discount).

What's Included In The Alien Bundle?
* AI War: Fleet Command (standalone base game)
* AI War: The Zenith Remnant (expansion 1)
* AI War: Children of Neinzul (expansion 2)
* AI War: Light of the Spire (expansion 3)

Child's Play
When you purchase the AI War Alien Bundle, you're not only getting a great game and three huge expansions, you're also supporting an important cause. Arcen Games is a platinum sponsor of the Child's Play charity, pledging 100% of the profits from sale of Children of Neinzul (excepting any taxes and distributor fees) to helping sick kids in need.  That works out to 9% of the purchase price of the AI War Alien Bundle.


  1. I'm able to register these on Steam, correct?

  2. Yep, same as if you buy them separately. Sometimes that means that a pirate has already registered a key (mostly for the base game), which means you then have to go through some fun stuff with Steam support, but that's comparably rare. But all of the keys are fully registerable on steam assuming that nobody has keygenned them first.

  3. I realized that was not particularly reassuring. It really is a pretty rare issue, all told. But here's the relevant thread about the issue if you want more info: http://www.arcengames.com/forums/index.php/topic,8437.0.html

  4. Thanks for the info, Christopher. I'll try to spread this to as many people as I can. I've been wanting to get my friends to play AI War, and hopefully I can get their greedy asses to buy this.

  5. My pleasure, and many thanks for your support!

  6. Just picked up my third copy of the bundle. I'd grab a fourth, but I only have three computers set up for gaming.

    It's a great LAN game. LAN -> BBQ -> LAN makes for a wonderful Sunday.


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