Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Two-Part AVWW Interview On Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Chris recently sat down with RPS's Phill Cameron for a nice and extensive two-part interview on all things A Valley Without Wind.

There are new details and a lot more in-depth explanation on the features we talked about in our recent announcement. The pieces contain a couple of new screenshots put together exclusively for the feature as well.

Check it out here: Part 1, Part 2.

While I'm here directing you around the internet, I might as well quickly introduce myself. Name's Erik, I joined Arcen last month, and will focus primarily on taking the PR load off of the rest of the team as a whole--letting them do what they do best.

Nice to meet everyone! I'm genuinely ecstatic about what we're working on for AVWW, our two released titles and everything else beyond that. Look forward to talking to/working with some of you going forward.

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  1. Hey Erik! Welcome aboard. I've been wataching Arcen closely since their run-up to AI War 4.0. Big fan of what the company is doing, and exceedingly curious to see how AVWW shakes out for them.


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