Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New System For Arcen News - Update Your Feeds!

For as long as Arcen has had a presence on the web, our site news format has been a little less than stellar.  The main page of the site was something I was maintaining by hand, and then I was posting a second copy of the news items in the News section of the forums, which not everyone even sees (most of the forum regulars hang out in the AI War or Tidalis sections of the forum at this stage).

So there were three big issues with our old way of handling the news, at any rate: 1) only I could do news updates to the front page; 2) visibility was relatively low; 3) to post comments or subscribe to our news you had to join the forums.

The new system of news posts that we're now moving to uses the Blogger platform behind the scenes, and the most recent 15 posts will automatically show up on the main page of the site.  All of our staff will be able to post news from now on, so expect to see more behind-the-scenes posts, more preview information about stuff we're working on, and in general more timely notes about all that sort of thing.  All of our prior news posts have also been ported over into the new platforms.  And there are now handy categories for the news, which makes it even easier to find the sort of news you're looking for.  Nice!

If you're currently subscribed to the News forums to have it send you emails when new posts are made, be warned that this is the last news-alert email you'd get through that mechanism.  If you want to subscribe to our news posts, you can now do so easily via RSS:

Arcen Games News - Atom
Arcen Games News - RSS

We look forward to having a more active relationship with our fanbase and customers outside of just our forums (and we'll still be there as well in the game-specific sections, don't worry -- those aren't going anyway).  Thanks for reading!

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