Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tidalis 0.402 Released, OSX Updater Issues Resolved

The early days of the Tidalis beta have been a bit interesting, as one of the first things we discovered was that our updater would actually kill the OSX version of Tidalis during updates.  It was a Unix permissions thing that we somehow didn't encounter in our prerelease testing.  This took us days to solve in the end (more technical details here and here for those curious), and so there have been fewer gameplay updates than we would normally hope for during that period.

Even so, there have been a number of notable updates since the initial 0.400 launch, including:
* Adjustable keyboard bindings in the settings screen.
* New and updated advanced tutorials based on player feedback.
* Scoring tweaks, HUD improvements, and other bugfixes.
* More objective types and features for the level editor.
* Six new adventure levels, and tweaks to a number of existing adventure levels.
* Revamped trial mode restrictions based on early player feedback (no more overall time limit).

For the full release notes, please see the 0.401 and 0.402 topics. Normally we don't post about minor releases in the main news forum (to keep up with minor releases, see the Tidalis forum), but because of the automatic-update-breaking nature of this particular release we wanted to make sure that people knew about it.

A big thank-you, as always, is due to all of our early supporters and those who have stopped by the forums to report bugs, provide feedback, and so on.  We're really learning a lot from you all, including that the most popular secondary gameplay modes seem not to be what we expected they would be, for instance.  Despite the problems with the first round of patches, the game itself has had surprisingly few issues for being so early in beta, so we're really pleased about that.

Lots more exciting stuff is in the works!  Stay tuned tomorrow and Friday (in the Tidalis forum) for more Tidalis releases that will come out through the normal game-integrated channel.

If you don't yet have Tidalis:
You can download the demo (which alternately turns into the full game with a preordered license key) from the Tidalis download page.

If you already have Tidalis 0.400 or 0.401, full or demo:
You can download the Tidalis 0.402 manual windows patch.
You can download the Tidalis 0.402 manual mac osx patch.

Please note that if you changed the installation folder for Tidalis away from the default, then you'll need to point the manual patch to the custom location you previously chose.  It will simply point to the same default location that the original Tidalis installer was pointing to.

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