Sunday, March 6, 2011

AVWW: Energy Lance Spell, Multiplayer Benchmark, Minimap, New Regions, Buildings and Objects

Arcen Games is pleased to share the latest info and footage for its procedurally-generated action-adventure title A Valley Without Wind. This week we reach a multiplayer benchmark, introduce the Energy Lance spell, implement the minimap feature into the HUD, add new regions, buildings, objects and more.

Early multiplayer testing has gone well. In our first foray, two players were able to connect and play together on a server across the Internet with all the basics working. The functionality is certainly a great success, and now the focus shifts to putting in smoothing/prediction and more testing with a varying number of players.

As for what's new in AVWW this week? Plenty! The HUD has seen several new improvements and additions including better organization, official in-game font, and a minimap to show where you've explored in each area. The Energy Lance spell has been introduced, which provides a handy way of slicing through lines of foliage, refuse and enemies; and several new regions, buildings, and objects, along with more densely populated existing areas have been added as well.

All of the above mentioned and more can be found in greater detail in our latest developer diary:

The latest gameplay video can be viewed here (in HD):

We'll be checking in again next week with our latest report containing more info and media from the game. A Valley Without Wind is currently set for official release on PC and Mac later this year, with a playable Alpha build available to customers who pre-order coming this spring.

About Arcen Games

Arcen Games entered the PC indie scene in 2009 with their cult classic AI War: Fleet Command, which was named the 40th best-reviewed PC game of the year by MetaCritic. Their second year was a busy one, seeing the release of The Zenith Remnant, the first full expansion for AI War; Tidalis, an innovative block-based puzzle with casual appeal and hardcore depth; and Children of Neinzul, a micro-expansion for AI War with all profits benefiting the Child's Play charity, of which Arcen is a platinum sponsor.

AI War's third and largest expansion Light of the Spire marked Arcen's first release of 2011, and now the company has shifted its focus and excitement to the development of A Valley Without Wind. Originally a one-man shop, Arcen Games has grown to have half a dozen part-time or fulltime contributors to its various titles.


  1. When is the alpha coming up? I'd like to participate in it. For science.

  2. Most likely in April, it's looking like -- we'll post more as we know more, but March is just full of big name game releases, so we're not wanting to get caught in all that. Thanks for your support and interest! :)

  3. Any new blog entries on the development cycle coming up? I was really enjoying reading about the progress and seeing all the new things that were being added, but it seems the flow of updates has stopped.

  4. More coming this next week! We've been hard at work, and hit a patch where it was difficult to do some updates in the midst of it. But this week definitely more coming!


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