Friday, May 8, 2009

AI War Demo And "Advance Release" Now Available

Arcen Games is pleased to announce the general availability of AI War: Fleet Command! You can now download a trial version of the game, as well as purchase a license key to unlock the full version.

Our release date for version 1.0 of the software remains May 15, one week from today, but the current build is quite stable and a blast to play.  We decided to do an "advance release" of the pre-1.0 version of the game in response to requests from gamers who weren't able to be part of the closed beta.

All future patches for AI War will be free, regardless of when you purchase the game. We play this game ourselves (it's replaced our other weekly RTS sessions), so rest assured that we're committed to continually updating and expanding the game.  In addition to a pair of planned expansion packs (pricing TBA), we'll also be including free DLC for all players. During the first month after release, we'll have at least one free new unit, gameplay mode, AI type, or game mechanic per week. After the first month, we'll be adding at least one of those new features for free every month, even after the expansion packs come out in 3-6 months.

AI War is already a huge game -- it will take you well over 120 hours to see every current feature if you play full campaigns -- but we're committed to expanding it even further. So much of this game is about exploration that we want you to always have something new to discover!

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