Thursday, May 1, 2014

TLF Version 1.010-1.011 Released (Pacing And RCI)

Version 1.010 is now out, and has a ton of good stuff.  The biggest thing is that you now wield vastly more power on the solar map -- your actions matter more.  How?  The most of the simulation actions are slowed way down, so that your actions don't get washed away in the butterfly effect so fast.

Also, in particular the RCI values were kind of going nuts in a lot of cases.  I hadn't had time to look into that until tonight, and I wasn't really sure what was causing it, but I found the issue.  Really it was a combination of a lot of little things, but the biggest single factor was events like housing boom, which would just absolutely speed things along.

Overall the sense of "this stays where I put it, at least for a little while," is now higher.  I had planned on adding a couple of new features today, but between these above things, some performance improvements on the solar map, and a bunch of various balance tweaks and whatnot (seriously, the list is very long), it seemed clear what players were most interested in -- actually, the forumites have not been shy at all about letting us know what their priorities are, and there's even a poll now for it.  Also you can vote support on individual mantis tickets, if you didn't already know that.

UPDATE:  1.011 is now out, with some hotfixes to pacing versions that were still in the prior version (and actually worse in the case of the combat speed of NPCs, facepalm).  With the new version, I had an observer game go for more than 200 years, and only two races died, and the Thoraxians were making a valiant holdout but would likely die within 50ish years.  This might be too slow, we'll see, but it's actually a case where as the player you could have tipped the scales in a number of these situations now, which is kind of the idea.  Rather than the scales just tipping themselves superfast, it takes your intervention.

--------------- Ongoing Updates All This Month ---------------
The support of the community, and the growth of it, remain amazing to me.  I've been promising daily new features, but this week it's become clear that there are other things more on your mind.  Things like added interfaces, new AI behaviors and options, and things like that.  So, you know what?  I'm just going to go with that -- those count as features, really, in that they help to make the game more interesting and easier to understand and play.

So what else is going on?  Well, we're going to be working at this pace on the game for at least another month, which means that you're going to be seeing lots of good things coming.  If you've liked what you've seen in the last two weeks, you can imagine what another month of that will be like.  We do have two other things in the works as well, but we're not quite ready to reveal either one of them (although I am betting that most long-time Arcen fans can guess what both of them are).  Suffice it to say, neither one of these two other things are going to impact the general updates, improvements, and free additions to TLF that are coming over this month.

More to come tomorrow.  Enjoy!

This is a standard update that you can download through the in-game updater, or if you have Steam it will automatically update it for you.  To force Steam to download it faster, just restart Steam and it will do so.

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