Friday, November 15, 2013

Deals Galore: Valley Steam Sale, New Bundles for AI War and Skyward Collapse

There seem to be dozens of downloadable game discounts and promotions running this week, and it so happens that we are involved in a few:

AI War and Zenith Remnant featured in Bundle-in-a-Box -- A bundle full of indie strategy games including AI War for a minimum of $1.99, with extras such as the game's Zenith Remnant expansion. Portions of each purchase goes to charity and the Indie Dev Grant, which helps financially support devs who are attempting to finish their game.

Skyward Collapse featured in Indie Royale Sigma Bundle -- This one offers Skyward Collapse and six other games (plus at least one yet to be revealed title, apparently) for a fluctuating minimum price. Currently right around $6.

A Valley Without Wind Dual Pack (1 & 2) Steam Sale -- The Valley series is 75% off through the weekend on Steam, and note that purchasing either AVWW or AVWW2 will get you both titles. The four pack carries the same discount as well.

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