Tuesday, August 23, 2011

AI War LP Videos

Several "Let's Play" video series for AI War have been popping up and we wanted to share! A big thanks goes out to these guys for taking the time to put all this good stuff together.

YT User TheBlackworth 28-Part Let's Play Series (Over 7 hours of footage!)

YT User isver's Blind Let's Play


  1. That's pretty awesome. If I find time and patience, I might even watch it. How come now there are LPs after so much time the since the game was released?

  2. Well, this is just when these particular players found the game, I think. Our big Steam Sale over the summer resulted in north of 30,000 new customers, so that's not a huge surprise that there's all of a sudden a surge of interest and LPs.

    I think possibly one thing that was keeping LPs in lesser demand in the past was that the game was changing so rapidly week-to-week or even day-to-day that it was not very good for encouraging LPs.


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