Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Arcen's Upcoming Puzzle Game Gets Official Name, New Alpha-Version Screenshots

Arcen's currently-inwork puzzle game now has an official name: Tidalis.  The teaser preview for the game has been updated to show the game's new logo, as well as a lot of the game's current art.  Please bear in mind that most of the middle-ground sprites are currently missing from the shown backgrounds, and that the look of the HUD is quite temporary.  The new screenshots are from the actual game  -- not concept art -- and so should give a better glimpse of what is coming.

In other Arcen news, the tower defense game A Valley Without Wind (AVWW) has been pushed back to 2011.  In place of that title, the completion of Arcen's zombie puzzle-based adventure game, Alden Ridge, will be the next priority for the company after Tidalis.  Alden Ridge is already about 70% complete (though filled with temporary art and music), and now that the last design roadblocks have been resolved with this game, it should fit better with Arcen's 2010 lineup.  Most specifically, completion of this game in place of AVWW will allow adequate time for the second expansion to AI War to also be completed in the fourth quarter.  Currently, development of AVWW is expected to be Arcen's primary focus for the first 6-8 months of 2011, or more if needed.  It's a big game (as is Alden Ridge, but Alden Ridge already has 80 completed levels, a finished engine, a complete level editor, and so on).

We at Arcen are quite excited to share all of our upcoming work with you -- much more information to come about Tidalis in particular in another 2-3 weeks, along with public pre-release versions for demo or for full access to via preorder.  Stay tuned!

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