Wednesday, June 10, 2009

AI War 1.005 Released (Free DLC & Player Suggestions)

Arcen Games is pleased to announce the release of AI War: Fleet Command version 1.005. You can download a trial version of the game, as well as purchase a license key to unlock the full version. If you already have the game or demo installed, just hit "Check For Updates" inside the game to get the latest patch.

More Free DLC: Three new ships are now available for your use:  Science Lab II, Mobile Repair Stations, and Counter-Negative-Energy Turrets.  Each provides interesting new strategic capabilities.  As helpful as these new ships are, however, they almost pale in comparison to the vast number of other updates and enhancements in this release.  This release contains dozens of improvements, tweaks, and extensions based on suggestions from over ten players.  Thanks to everyone who took the time to offer feedback so far -- and for everyone whose suggestion made it onto the official to-be-done-in-DLC list, but didn't make it into this release, you should be seeing your ideas in play over the coming weeks.

Here are some of the highlights:
- The game now supports smaller galaxy maps in addition to the existing sizes.
- Enhancements to zoom.
- Many new settings options, including better support for windowed modes.
- Many, many new display modes available in galaxy view.
- Ship borders now flash in far zoom when they take damage.
- Minimap enhancements, including minimap display modes.
- Icons for important enemy ships are now shown in the Intel Summary of the galaxy map.
- Minor planetary summary (the palette on the right side of the screen) improvements.
- Ship autotargeting is now much improved.  Overkill is a thing of the past.
- The AI now acts a little bit smarter at guard posts, retreating more often when needed.

The above list is just a sampling, however, so be sure to check out the full release notes to see everything (attached at the end of this post).  More free DLC will be heading your way next week. Enjoy!

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